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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

My brother began his bid again to have me move to Texas.

I've lived the bulk of my life in Washington State. It's what I think of when I think of home. I was born here, attended school here, bore my son here.

There are days this place seems as vast and unknown as a dessert. My ties here have strained and loosened till they hang on only with the bare edges of fibrous resolve.

My mother is gone, my sister I barely see.
Friends have scattered far and wide and what remains here is not true and real.

What stops me from making that leap, that jump into fates arms? Can it be worse then living through weeks where the phone never rings or laughter is shared between two conspiring smiles?

Can it be worse then knowing there is no one here that has your one. That you are well and truly alone in this place, this small piece of land that used to feel like home.

I wonder.... I wonder if the grass is greener in Texas

Anonymous Gypsy had this to say:

Depends on where you go. If it's Dallas or Austin, I say go for it. Especially Austin. And there's something to be said for having family nearby. As much as I gripe, it's a blessing to be home again, even if I haven't quite found my niche.

Keep mulling it over. Look at the pros and cons. Sounds like an interesting prospect.

11:29 AM, August 29, 2006 

Blogger Carrie had this to say:

Gosh where do I start? My brother lives in Texas and of course I live in Oklahoma. Which means I frequent Texas a lot.

As much as I think it would be cool that you would live near and we could become great chums, I wouldn't move south if you paid me to. Actually if I don't move to Costa Rica next year, I am moving to Oregon.

It is sooooo hot! And dry. We have burn bans. People are rude. They drive terrible. I thought about moving there once but Oklahoma is as far south as I am going.

I really don't think you would like it since you have no summer clothes. I guess think about it because you would have family...and that is a perk.

1:29 PM, August 29, 2006 

Blogger some girl had this to say:

My parents left California for Texas (just outside of San Antonio), last August. They've been there about a year now and absolutely LOVE it. We went to visit them the 1st week of July - it was my first time ever in the state, and I have to say it wasn't bad. My only complaints were the humidity and the bugs; I came home with over 50 bites.

I'm one for change, so I about a trip out there first?

7:44 PM, August 29, 2006 

Anonymous Kimmy had this to say:

OUCH....... :o(

8:38 PM, August 29, 2006 

Blogger Lady E had this to say:

Not sure if the grass is greener in Texas but I would guess that the real estate is cheaper. Washington is expensive! Checking you out via some girls blog roll. Good Luck on whatever you decide to do!

8:41 PM, August 29, 2006 

Blogger kristen had this to say:

how hard. my SIL lives in flower mound (near dallas) and likes it. does she love it? not as much as she loved the bay area. much like me and rob, it is home for her. i've been here in nevada for 2 years and it's still hard. my mom is here. we've met a (very) few people that i feel are true friends and some days, the homesickness hits hard.

that said, if i were to move to texas, i'd move to austin. i went to a training there and spent 5 days in austin. it was really quite lovely and many of the people that we met there had similar political ideas as rob and i have. it is not really that way in other parts of texas i've frequented.

i'd probably start making the pros and cons lists and see how it feels. do you have some good true friends there in your town? what about your son? ugh. it's hard. i'm thinking about you. sometimes it just sucks being the adult.

9:00 PM, August 29, 2006 

Anonymous InterstellarLass had this to say:

Actually, the grass is kind of brown right now. That being said, there are pros and cons to Texas. Dallas is getting HUGE. I think we're as big as Houston now. There's lots of traffic and lots of people, and not a lot of scenery up here. Now, down in Austin, there are hills and it's a very hip/trendy town. Texas has a lot to offer...just about anything you could want. And there are cowboys. The rude people and sucky drivers that are in Texas now are transplanted Yankees. Companies come to Texas and they bring their Yankee employees with them. Dallas is very superficial, but Austin is very down-to-earth. And Fort Worth is nice too. There are still real Texans in Fort Worth, and there are great cultural things to do there. Heck, I got married there!

It's a tough decision to make, and family support is a great thing to have. *HUGS*

9:18 PM, August 29, 2006 

Blogger ƒåυνέ had this to say:

Does Kendell know? What's his feeling?
I tend to trust my kids just because they usually see things clearer then I do.

5:50 AM, August 30, 2006 

Anonymous ficklechick had this to say:

That's a tough one. There is a lot to be said for living near family. Even if you don't particularly like them. ;)

9:11 AM, August 30, 2006 

Blogger Kal had this to say:

Discussing it with Kendall is important, but I would imagine if he's anything like my kids he's going to judge his friends as the most important thing in his life and never ever consent to moving.

That being said, you are the Mom, so you get two votes to his one.

But, being a coastal snob (yay Ocean - and the Gulf of Mexico is just a gulf, not an ocean ;-) ), I would say stay. Plus, and this sounds like such a friggin' soccer mom question - wouldn't the school in Washington be better than those in Texas?

(apologies to the Texas folks...)

9:35 AM, August 30, 2006 

Blogger TamWill had this to say:

Being single as you are, I understand your reluctance to relocate and leave the only home you have known. I think family would be great for you and your son.

And of course "There is No Place like Texas"! Yes I am biased. Born and raised here. As far as the scenery is Cowboy Heaven.

8:43 PM, August 30, 2006 

Blogger mlah had this to say:

you'll love texas, and texas will ove you!

will the school in seattle be better? most likely no. since school levels tend to reflect the neighborhoods they represent, the price in living will enable you to have a nicer house, and a correspondingly nicer school.

9:48 AM, August 31, 2006 

Blogger Motherdear had this to say:

Never been there, so don't know firsthand. But my sister's in-laws used to live there and she describes Texas as "Hell with Cacti".

And she's pretty tough...

But there IS something wonderful about making new starts. Scary, but wonderful!

Could you stay where you are, and maybe try to expand your horizons (as per friends, jobs, etc.) rather than try it in unfamiliar territory? Just to see if you're really ready to start a new life?

No one ever said that the geographic cure worked. If you mail something to Egypt and open the box up there, it's still the same 'something' that you mailed, right???

But I applaud your even considering a move, sweetie!!!! And if it is in your heart and feels right for you and Kendall to try it - GO FOR IT!!!!!

Your online friends will be here for you, no matter what part of the planet you land on!!!!

9:10 AM, September 01, 2006 

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