Miss You
Tuesday, April 17, 2007

There are still moments I reach for the phone to call you...and then my hand slowly falls to my side as I remember that you're gone. No phone line on earth has the strength to reach out and jingle the bell on your end of things.

This is where people like to say, "oh she can hear you, just talk to her"

That's so much bullshit. So much horse crap wrapped around my ankles that I fear I'll sink in deep like quicksand till it slides up my nose, smothering me in it. I can talk and talk till my voice grows hoarse and jagged and I still wont hear your voice, or smell your perfume; I wont feel the comforting weight of your hand on my arm.

there are days where the loss of you is still raw and serrated, the flesh pink and moist, quivering beneath my gaze.

Moments where the grief reaches out from the depths of my body and wraps cruelly calloused hands around my throat in a grip designed to choke and hurt, to render the end of me.

If I close my eyes I can still see you at home, sitting in your easy chair, listening to me as I bitch about my day, my life, my imagined slights. I see how the lamp light falls on your black hair, casting highlights that hide the encroaching grey. I smell the scents of woodsmoke from the fireplace and the dinner you have cooking on the stove and I can almost reach out and touch the arm of your chair from where I'm sitting. If I just stretch an inch more...I could feel home again, one last time.

And then I put down the phone because no matter how many times I dial, I will never hear your voice again.

Observant Technology
Monday, April 16, 2007

Our local courthouse is updating their elevators. Sounds nice right?

We've gone from retro 70's wood paneling to shiny chrome....all the better to see the lice on your co-riders my dear!

Also, makes it so much easier for gangsta bubba's to scratch the name of their biatchs into the walls.


There is one change however that I do like....albeit with a few minor tweaks of my own of course.

Currently the new elevators announce the floor and the direction the elevator is proceeding to.

For example: "Floor Seven, going UP".

Now I like this change, however, I would prefer something like the following:

"Floor six, misdemeanors, drunk ass drivers, and stalkers please exit the elevator now"

"Floor Eight, pay your overdue fines here loser, please get your broke ass off the elevator now"

"Floor Ten, anyone getting off on this floor is in deep shit! Good luck sucker!"

Yup...that would work for me.

To Good To Refuse
Thursday, April 05, 2007

As I was walking to my car from work the other day I happened to glance
down and see a piece of notebook paper fluttering in the wind. Seeing
the writing screaming out at me from the page I had to stop and read
what it said.

It said, "Take me home TONIGHT!!"

Mind you, this was on the steps leading from the County Court house,
directly across from the Jail release.

I have to wonder.....Did they??

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