The Day the Earth Stood Still......sorta
Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The day the Earth Stood Still...sorta
So in my never ending quest to save money and reduce my debt, I cut back on my cable services.
I went from two digital boxes with a premium package and HDTV on the living room, too basic cable. (can you hear the earths core cracking?) this is where the world least for my nine year old. We went from having the ability to pause, rewind, record and just generally watch whatever the hell we want whenever we want, too.... basic tv.
Now, in fairness to me, Kendell was warned I was doing this. It evidently did not hit him until the cable man toted the boxes away and he realized we now only had channels two through eighty something. I thought he was going to throw his arms around the cable mans knees and beg him not to go. Since I grew up with channels 4,5,7,9,11,13 and occasionally 12 when the wind blew south...this is still a lot of channels.
Though my parents did have a remote. Oh yes they did....and it's name was KARA. "Kara, change the channel, Kara, turn up the volume" I remember laying in front of the TV not because I couldn't see, but so I could reach the damn knob faster...
But for Kendell who's grown up with remote control and cable, VCR's, DVD'S and xbox...oh the Agony!. I imagine he figures the next thing to go is indoor plumbing.
Now is the time to sit him on my knee and begin with "when I was a little girl we had to walk three hundred miles through snow to watch TV....uphill...and barefoot."

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