Happy Mothers Day
Monday, May 15, 2006


It's been two years now since you've been gone and I still find myself picking up the phone to call you, just to check in.

There are so many things I wish I had said to you and now the words sit inside me, waiting to be said...

You will always be the smell of Chantilly, aqua net and lace. When I see red lipstick on the laughing lips of a dark haired woman I will instantly think of you. I see your face often in a crowd and hear your melody in old familiar songs. Echoes of your stories pass me by each and every day.

You shaped me to become a strong, independent woman. My voice rings loud and clear and my laugh is often louder and brash, because of you.

You gave me my voice.

In all things you have been my backbone, my foundation and the sun on my face.

You gave me strength.

When the seas were rocky and I felt alone and adrift you were always my anchor. Your pull was gentle but could be rough when I felt the shore was just too far away to fight.

You gave me my courage.

You defined the meaning of family to me. Showing that love is often hard and tested but that nurturing it would give me roots to hold on too. You seeped tradition into the marrow of our bones so that we could turn around and give the same to our children.

You gave me hope.

When I became too big for my britches and I began to feel that every word that dripped from my lips was gospel, you pulled me back to reality.

You gave me humility.

When I sit alone and the tears refused to be denied I remember your love. I remember each and every thing you tried to give us, instill in us and prepare us with. I remember your care, your tough love and your laughter in the face of all odds.

You gave me...me.

I will forever strive to be at least half the mother you are.

I miss you mom

I love you

Happy mothers day

your rainy

Blogger Yo Tambien Te Mando Besos had this to say:

Dear Kara,

This is just beautiful! You almost made me cry. Happy Mother's Day to you too! And thank you for the link.

10:59 AM, May 15, 2006 

Blogger Just a trumpet player had this to say:

A beautiful tribute to your mom...

Michele sent me.. again !!

11:03 AM, May 15, 2006 

Blogger deputyswife had this to say:

Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

Such a beautiful tribute to your mother!

5:35 PM, May 15, 2006 

Blogger InterstellarLass had this to say:

That's lovely. Happy (belated) Mother's Day.

7:50 AM, May 16, 2006 

Blogger Dara had this to say:

What a beautiful tribute. Mom and I IM several times a week and talk every other weekend. Each time I make sure I've said everything I want to say, since who knows which time will be the last? I learned that lesson when my dad died.
Michele sent me.

9:46 AM, May 26, 2006 

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