A Day at the Park
Monday, May 01, 2006

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Arriving at Safeco Field is always a bit like coming to Disneyland. The roof is open to the young spring night and the electricity of the fans seems to dance across the hairs on your arm only to run across your shoulders in a tingling tango.

The odors from the food vendors combine to become something else, something more then food, easy to gobble up in one swift inhale. Combined it becomes a magic that only a baseball fan can understand.

With something close to stars in our eyes we make our way to our seats, we have a half hour before watching the Mariners trounce the White Soxs.

Walking by the Bull Pen a loud authoritative voice roars, "Hey KID!"
Thinking it can't be directed at us, we keep walking. I hear the voice again, only louder and a little more gruff, "HEY KID!"

Kendell and I turn to look and the only thoughts going through my head is, "Crap, are we walking through a beer garden??" and "Kendell, what did you do?!!"

I see a King County officer and he's older, his face set in stern lines below snow white hair, he looks at Kendell and says, "What's in your glove?"

Kendell looks down at his mitt in confusion then back at the officer, "nothing sir".

"Well then you better put this in it then!" with that he throws a ball over the bull pen fence and Kendell catches it with his glove. When he looks at what he's holding, it's an official training baseball the pitchers had been using in practice, complete with grass stains.

Kendell looks at the officer with awe and the older man gives him a wink and a wave.

What a day at the park, and it's only just begun.

Blogger Tickneen had this to say:

Whoa dude, what a cool story! What a cool dude!

5:29 AM, May 02, 2006 

Blogger Jade had this to say:

You've had some exciting adventures as of late haven't you? Michele sent me today.

9:10 AM, May 02, 2006 

Blogger Carmi had this to say:

I'm always inspired when I read about things like this. There clearly is still lots of good in the world.

I'll smile as I drive by the park later this month. I'm coming in to Seattle for a conference, and I'll keep my fingers crossed that there are plenty more people like that officer.

8:30 AM, May 11, 2006 

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