You Know You're too Old for the Clubs When...
Friday, June 30, 2006

* You don't arrive late to be seen, but because you had to watch the end of CSI

*The bouncer barely glances at your I.D. ((the bastard))

*Most of the men at the club are still too young to have facial hair

*You lecture the young women there about not giving away the milk for free

*You're feet want to dance but your ass just wants to sit

*"I love older women, they know what they want." is a common pick up line used on you

* Going up to the VIP area is not attractive because you have to climb stairs...

* They play Bell Biv Devoe's "Poison" and you and your friends are the only ones dancing ((holla))

* You don't want to dance on the stages because you might fall off

* Gin and Juice is no longer an attractive beverage option

* You are looking forward to going home to bed...alone

Blogger InterstellarLass had this to say:

I recognize some of these faults. The only good thing is that you're not as stupid as the ones giving away the milk for free.

10:46 AM, June 30, 2006 

Blogger Karen had this to say:

Yes, sad but true. I can't even tell you the last time that I was carded. Amazing.

Michele sent me today! Have a great day!

11:37 AM, June 30, 2006 

Anonymous kate had this to say:

It hurts me everytime...

Here from Michelles

12:22 PM, June 30, 2006 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

All of you "yutes" (thanks, Vinny) make me ill...just wait, guys. Just wait.

4:31 PM, June 30, 2006 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say: from Michele's.
See there? The mind is goin'...

4:31 PM, June 30, 2006 

Anonymous Deana had this to say:

That is too funny....last time I went out with my single friend for her b-day I had a guy tell me "What a cute little soccer mom you are?" What??? I don't even have kids?? I guess I dressed way to matronly for a bar so I had no worries but man that comment sucked!

4:47 PM, June 30, 2006 

Blogger Midori had this to say:

LOL! You have made me feel very old!! Thanks for the comment on my blog. I replied about the chicken pox thing. Short version is that I am trying to time so that if he gets it, he won`t be contagious on the plane! ;-) I should have made that clearer in my post!

4:48 PM, June 30, 2006 

Anonymous Deana had this to say:

Oh and Michele sent me

4:48 PM, June 30, 2006 

Blogger Yo Tambien Te Mando Besos had this to say:

I don't go to clubs anymore... that makes me feel old...this kind of your posts always make me smile.

Well just forget about it and have a nice weekend!

6:55 PM, June 30, 2006 

Blogger kari had this to say:

Too funny. I couldn't agree more. But, I do love Gin and Juice.

11:44 AM, July 02, 2006 

Blogger LilRed had this to say:

Bravo! I couldn't agree more ... on all points! Michele sent me, and I'm glad she did!

12:05 PM, July 02, 2006 

Blogger Vickie had this to say:

I am turning 30 in a month, but Ive also been telling people that I am thirty all year anyway, so I guess that's good. I won't actually be getting any older.
As for clubbing - ugh. Went out for Canada Day in London yesterday, and all these youngin's kept going around the room saying "heh, where are you from eh?" and I should have thought it was friendly, but instead I just wanted them to bugger off and leave me to my friendly banter with the other singletons ladies. Went home at 10:30 - deffinately not cool.

Saw you were Michelle's SOTD so had to stop by. Congrats!

12:39 PM, July 02, 2006 

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