Oh a Camping We Will Go
Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Life the past few months have been hell.

That is, if Hell includes a 11yr old bent on driving me insane,
a 31yr old man that wants to live in my back pocket,
juggling baseball practice and games with laundry, house cleaning and work,
drunk ass dog loving neighbors,
and two job interviews for jobs that I believe are already slated for someone else

I'm pretty sure it does

Yes, I know I've been a bad blogger friend.
I've pretty much disappeared and I'm sorry for that
I've got a lot to make up for and need to spend some serious time on your blogs, which I will be doing as soon as I come back from taking my son on his first camping trip and my first one since I was a girl scout.

Are we starting out easy with an overnighter..in a cabin?

Heck no, we're tent camping from this Friday and returning on Monday....and we are bringing the dog
(do you hear cymbals and the tinkling sounds of impending doom? Funny, I was sure I heard them)

Middle of last month Kendell was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder to go on top of his ADHD
Had a wonderful time trying to decide if the new medication was worth trying (IE: I cried buckets of tears and worried myself sick)
Kendell decided for me and we tried it
However I think it's interfering with his regular meds which = lots of trips to school to visit principal
....I'm really tired of that man
and I think we are going to stop the new medication, visiting the pediatrician today to decide what to do.

My mother would have been 74 at the end of April

I've gotten rid of the 31yr old man for various reasons, main one being he lost his ever loving mind...this will take an entire post of it's own believe me. I don't think I'm ready for a relationship.

I've had one job interview and didn't get the job. My boss told me I made a good impression, had to laugh at that cause evidently not good enough...next interview is tomorrow but I think they already have someone in mind for the position...

I got new neighbors that like to drink all night, let their dogs roam free and criticize me because Buddy is on a 65ft lead. Needless to say after a talk with my landlord, they're not allowed to come on my side of the property.

On the bright side, my boxing bag has been seeing more of me this month. We plan on going steady.

This has to be the most non creative blog entry of my life

forgive me

Blogger Carrie had this to say:

Well if that wasn't a brief, I don't know what one would be.

I've been meaning to catch up with you but work has taken me out of the office. A LOT.

I hope you have fun camping. Take lots of photos.

2:54 PM, May 23, 2007 

Blogger Radioactive Jam had this to say:

Sometimes "creative" gets set aside for "real."

Hope the med changes *and* the camping *and* the post back pocket extraction all work out far beyond your expectations.

In the Good direction of course.

3:17 PM, May 23, 2007 

Blogger Kal had this to say:

Well, certainly seems like an interesting month! And topping it off with camping! Wow.

I'm laughing with you, really.

5:36 PM, May 23, 2007 

Blogger The "Mind" had this to say:

The camping shouldn't be too bad, even with the dog. Hell, I take 3 boys, a dog and the Pman with me. So that means 1 dog bed, 5 sleeping bags, no pillows (we just don't have room), 2 coolers (come on, one for beer, the other for actual food), 2 ginormous totes filled with pots, pans, cooking utensils and the most important thing of all...the coffee maker. Then there are two, sometimes 3 tents, 3 bikes minimum, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Shit. I'm not camping this summer at all, I'm tired just from thinking about it.

Have fun, glad you are back. I do hope there are other options to keep Kendall feeling good.


6:04 PM, May 23, 2007 

Blogger Gypsy had this to say:

Welcome back! I've missed you. :)

6:56 AM, May 24, 2007 

Anonymous InterstellarLass had this to say:

Tent camping for four days with the dog? Have you lost your ever loving mind? ;) Nah. I'm sure you guys will have TONS of fun. It will be a good memory. One day Kendall will say "Mom, remember when you, me and the dog went camping and...

Sorry the guy didn't work out. Mr. Right is there SOMEWHERE.

8:54 PM, May 24, 2007 

Blogger ƒåυνέ had this to say:

Just happy to see you back. Have a wonderful weekend!

4:54 AM, May 25, 2007 

Blogger Augs Casa had this to say:

Sounds like you've had your hands full. I'm glad you are backto regular posting. I enjoy reading. I'm curious to hear of your camping trip, should be interesting.

9:50 AM, May 25, 2007 

Blogger Flyinfox_SATX had this to say:


You haven't been the only blogger who has been truant. Welcome back. I love reading your posts as always.

So sorry to hear about the hassles you are going through. Even more sorry that another man ruined any hopes for me! (wink, wink).

I have some more funny stuff to post on my blog so feel free to visit and laugh for a while.



2:56 PM, May 25, 2007 

Blogger Michael had this to say:

Welcome back! Tent camping rocks... though I confess an air mattress makes a huge different!

9:48 PM, May 26, 2007 

Blogger Troubles Braids had this to say:

There is a whole different rhythym and flow when one is away from the city and in the outdoors. Maybe it will be a breath of fresh air in more ways than one. My theory on relationships: when you are really ready a good match will come along. I know medicating kids can be a real hit and miss problem and fill a parent with anxiety, but really he's going to be fine and so will you. Nice to see you again and best wishes.

9:04 AM, May 29, 2007 

Blogger Cece had this to say:

Hey there! I hope you'll be back on the blogging saddle soon. You've been missed.

I'm sure you're back from camping *now that its um Tuesday* so I won't say have fun b/c you should have already had fun! lol

11:49 AM, May 29, 2007 

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