The nights the lights went out in Tacoma...almost
Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Money is tight.
So tight my wallet echoes when opened.

I have been putting off paying my utilities bill. And putting off..and get the picture.

So, along comes my notice in the mail. The one that says "last chance non paying sucker"..yea, that one.
I figure, ok, gotta call em and beg for mercy.

Them: girl from inpanema playing on hold
Me: silence punctuated by odd stomach sounds due to my anxiety
Them: We are here but not answering this call for another year
Me: sweaty palms
Them: Yes, oh it's you..the LOSER who hasn't paid
Me: um..yes, that's me. Can we talk?
Them: Uh, I don't think so. We're coming out to turn your home back to the dark ages... LOSER
Me: But please, please, I promise to pay FRIDAY
Them: Nope, must be today
Me: sniffle...please
Them: We are NOT moved by tears
Me: Is your supervisor?
Them: .....Maybe
Them(supervisor): Ms. Loser, how can I help you
Me: Don't turn out my lights???
Them: You MUST pay EVERYTHING on FRIDAY or it's lights out
Me: sniffle, I'll have to sell my first born...but..ok

Blogger nabbalicious had this to say:

Oh no!! This is awful! I hope it works out. Ugh.

10:39 AM, January 19, 2006 

Blogger Joe had this to say:

I have had to make that call as well. Nerve racking. However I was going for a week's grace and they gave me a month instead. That was a good day.

4:05 PM, January 19, 2006 

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