Thomas Edison is Rolling Over in his Grave.
Wednesday, November 07, 2007

"Hey Honey, How was school?"
"Just good?"
"um, okay. Hey, do me a favor and put your glow in the dark football under the light."
"Because it's going to get dark at practice and your team can use it then, but it needs to be charged cause it's been in my trunk."
"okay." hour later...

"Hi bubba, ready for practice? I'm on my way. Did you put the football under the light?"
"Yeah, I put it on the light."


"You put the football ON the light??"
"Uh huh..."
"On...the light?"
"Yeah Mom, I did it."
"Wait, you put it on the table under the lamp right?"
"What table?"
...Oh crap!!!....
"Get it off the light!!!!" gets dropped, sound of scrambling....
"Okay Mom, what's wrong?"..."Hey! Wait! Why is there a burn mark on my football?"



Blogger RHSPapa aka The Sane had this to say:

Still as hilarious... :)

4:39 AM, November 08, 2007 

Blogger Gypsy had this to say:


8:50 AM, November 08, 2007 

Blogger - Kelly had this to say:

LOL!! Sounds like my 9yo, I have to be very specific.. But mom you SAID to put it on the light.. : )

1:45 PM, November 08, 2007 

Blogger *~*Cece*~* had this to say:

Sorry, didn't mean to laugh that hard. hehehe

3:43 PM, November 09, 2007 

Blogger Sue had this to say:

OMG, I'm sorry! I'm with Cece. That made me crack up. It could have been scary, but now that all is well you have to admit it was funny.

8:03 AM, November 13, 2007 

Blogger Callie had this to say:

That's hilarious! I can so see Kidlet doing that to me. *snicker*

1:39 PM, November 13, 2007 

Blogger mlah had this to say:


live and learn!

3:47 PM, November 25, 2007 

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