Bigger then Me
Thursday, May 31, 2007

There are moments in the day
when life lies down beside me
looks me in the eye
speaks to me in the quiet hush
beneath a topaz sky

"There are events in your existence
that will sweep you away
where nothing done will allow you to guide or sway
times where you hold on
clutch to me real tight
a passenger on my merry go round
just along for the ride"

I lay there beneath a summer sun
with the world a weight on my chest
decisions swirl around my head
each shouting that they are the best
the noise becomes a cacophony
to which my breath keeps beat
till I bury my head in my hands
and give in to the heat

This is bigger then me

bigger then me

I don't have the answers
nor the books in which they hide
In either direction I choose
I will still be walking it blind
feeling with my hands outstretched, looking for the light
pulling my son behind me
...just along for the ride

Some days I just have to lay down
beneath a topaz sky
fingers buried in an earth
found in my by and by
whisper to the clouds above me
send wishes on a prayer
and give into powers larger
that they guide me from here to there

this is bigger then me

bigger then me

Authors Note: Forgive the poetry...sometimes I can't help myself

Blogger Carrie had this to say:

Look at you! Little Miss Poetress

12:52 PM, May 31, 2007 

Blogger Purring had this to say:

Very nice. You're forgiven.

9:04 AM, June 01, 2007 

Blogger The "Mind" had this to say:

I loved it, and I'm not big on poetry.

6:52 AM, June 03, 2007 

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