Thursday, June 08, 2006

Fate has a sense of humor that I don't always appreciate.

Tuesday I gave in to my urgent need for a haircut in order to tame the wild beast that happens to live on my head. Since I had straightened the curls for a day it was a perfect time to get it cut. I didn't want to pay extra to have it styled so I decided to leave it as is...flat, hair pieces falling from my head like dandruff, and with no style at all.

Kendell and I stopped by the grocery store, whereupon Kendell decided that whining was the most ideal form of communication. By the time I hit the line to leave, my hair stood on end, my face was pinched into the hard lines of someone trying desperately not to commit murder, and I still had hair flaking behind me like so much road dust.

This is when I look up to see a fireman waving...at me.

It's an old boyfriend I broke up with about six months ago.



When I look like roadkill.

I'm betting he went home that night glad he was single....

Blogger OldOldLady Of The Hills had this to say:

Ph S**T! Isn't that always the way?? I'm sorry that happened to you. It's like you want to look your absolute most glamourous self when you are going to run into an old boyfriend---especially if it was 'meaningfull'...

Here from Michele today my dear, and always a pleasure...!

12:53 PM, June 08, 2006 

Blogger Miss Cow is a Cow had this to say:

Here via Michele.

That post made me laugh. Thanks!

8:42 AM, June 09, 2006 

Blogger yellojkt had this to say:

It could have been worse. He could have been with his new blonde bimbo girlfriend, pointed at you, and then snickered.

and michele sent me.

9:03 AM, June 09, 2006 

Blogger ribbiticus had this to say:

tarnation! still, i agree with yellow that it could have been worse. you could have been in your gym sweats when you ran into him - lol!

michele says hi! ;)

9:08 AM, June 09, 2006 

Blogger ƒåυνέ had this to say:

lol can so relate.
This is an ongoing joke between my son and I. We'll go out some where and I'll look like crap, and we'll take bets on who I'm going to see - an ex or someone from highschool. Never fails.

9:11 AM, June 09, 2006 

Blogger utenzi had this to say:

Kara, you're making a common mistake here. You, like many women, assume that men care what your hair looks like. Your fireman fellow probably never looked up that high. I'm sure he went home thinking how much he should call you!

11:42 AM, June 09, 2006 

Blogger Wendy had this to say:

Things like that are the reason my mom wouldn't even go to the mailbox without having on makeup. We lived on the outskirts of a small town in TN. On a dead end road.

8:35 PM, June 09, 2006 

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