Pre-qualification for parenting.....
Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Just a word of advice..well, ok, several words...
When deciding to have a child with that significant other...quiz each other on your elementary school strengths. I'm serious here. If you suck in math, your significant other MUST excel. This will save you from many nights of pulling out your hair in utter frustration. Here's where I come in. I have no significant other(...not even an insignificant other..unless you count a stalker exboyfriend ) so I'm stuck with having to be a tutor in all scholastic areas whether I'm good at them or not. This makes for joyous homework sessions with my ten yr old(insert steam coming out of Last night I spent several hours trying to explain the relationship between multiplication and division. If 2x4=8 then 4 divides into 8, 2 times. Seems simple right? WRONG....we worked the same type of problems for two hours...yes..I said TWO HOURS. By the time we were done I had scheduled a hysterectomy with my gynecologist and had gouged out my eyes and ear drums. Kendell however has happily completed his homework, smug in the knowledge that he made mom answer most of his math questions inadvertently while trying to explain those same math questions. He is much craftier then I tend to give him credit for....destined for life as a politician.

Blogger Hot Toddy had this to say:

My lack of math skills is a major deterrent to any consideration of ever having children. I would mess them up for life, I guarantee it!

1:03 PM, December 08, 2005 

Anonymous Shenanigans had this to say:

Kids are always smarter than they let on! I know!

6:14 PM, December 08, 2005 

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